Our sponsors are SouthernSun, Collin’s Irish Tavern, Cibeles Logistics and Ulic Centre.



SouthernSun Asset Management, established in 1989, is a research-driven investment management firm implementing SMID Cap, Small Cap and Global Equity investment strategies. Our name reflects a commitment to shed light on investment opportunities both at home and around the globe—a commitment that has driven our work throughout our history.

We believe that there is little substitute for critical reasoning, attention to detail, revealing query, hard work, and patience. Since our inception, we have used our painstaking and intensive research process to search out companies that have:

  • Financial flexibility
  • Management adaptability
  • Niche dominance

While our roots are proudly established in Memphis, we travel around the globe to seek out the information we need to make sound investment decisions.



Collin’s Irish Tavern

Pure Irish pub with a friendly atmosphere. Folk and rock music. Big selection of beers and drinks at good price.

Genuino pub irlandés con música celta y rock. Excelente ambiente y buen trato.
Gran variedad de cervezas y copas a buen precio.

Sagasta, 26. 28004 Madrid




A Hole a Space; This simple formula, we define two words the philosophy that created the Cibeles Logistics Group:

Or what is, materials of our clients, which take thousands of holes in a space where you can be, safely, without risk, controlling costs, an area in which our clients find their perfect partner, a managed space professionals, real specialists in integrated logistics services, a space with solutions tailored to the needs of each of our clients.

Cibeles Logistics is not just a store, not just holes, or at least, we do not stop there. We are, we aspire to be, the Department “External” Integrated Logistics our clients, someone I can trust this management, the professionalism, technology, facilities and resources necessary to carry out the abovementioned task.

Through our extranet, we have developed a sophisticated ERP customized for each client, which allows quick and easy access for control, monitoring and management of logistics services in real time.

Enter our space, and occupy the holes that your company needs.



Ulic Centre nace con una idea principal, ofrecer cursos de idiomas de primer nivel a precios competitivos.

Todos nuestros profesores cuentan con la acreditación CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) por la Universidad de Cambridge, con una gran experiencia impartiendo cursos de preparación para los exámenes de Cambridge University. Además muchos de nuestros profesores  tienen la acreditación DELTA (Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults). Por si fuera poco varios de nuestros profesores son además examinadores de los exámenes de Cambridge.



Would you like to sponsor The Madrid Barbarians?
If you are interested in any collaboration or sponsorship with the club, please get in touch with us.

Sponsor’s benefits

The following benefits are available, depending on sponsorship level:

•  Logo on website
•  Full page on website
•  Playing shirts’ sponsor with logo on front of shirts
•  Mention alongside club name/logo in all marketing communications and press coverage
•  Full page on “Rucking all over the World” monthly newsletter
•  Rights to advertising space on promotional materials
•  Rights to promote to members through email list
•  Rights to promote via social media (Twitter/Facebook)
•  Access to club members for joint promotional activities *dependent on availability
•  End of season dinner sponsorship
•  Complimentary club memberships